Thale Waek – Best Place To Visit In Krabi

Thale Waek

One of Thailand’s unseen highlights, this amazing natural phenomenon is set to take place at Ko Daam Kwan Island five days before and after the full moon, from December to the early May, when tides change dramatically in different hours of a day. When the tide is low, it reveals a white sand dune and limestone beach connecting two islands together. To go see the happening you need to buy a tour package or rent a boat, which can accommodate 8-10 passengers, and can be priced around 2,000-2,500 THB.

Getting there: Take Highway No. 4034 from Krabi municipality then turn left and proceed onto Highway No. 4202 heading to Nang Bay.

Thalane Bay – Best Place To Visit In Krabi

Thalane Bay

AoThalane (or Thalane Bay) is located in the Khao Thong Sub-District of Mueang District in Krabi Province. AoThalane is a small bay 35 kilometers to the west of Krabi city centre. It is a tall gorge and a beautiful natural paddle route. AoThalane is a famous kayaking spot in Krabi Province and a world-renowned paddle route. It is also one of the tourist attractions that are most abundant in nature because the area is made up of mangrove forests, and comprised of limestone rock formations, clear green sea water that can clearly see the fishes. Many different species of animals can also be observed throughout the kayaking journey such as Macaque monkeys, crabs, and various rare birds.

Tourists who enjoy kayaking through nature will get to paddle along the limestone reefs throughout the entire way. After passing through the mangrove forest will reach the canyon entrance. The canyon’s terrain is characterized by towering cliffs on both sides and the flow of water through the middle. Tourists entering this area will feel as if they are paddling in between valleys. The appearance of limestone rock formations that are complexly arranged make sea around this are divided into many large rooms called Lagoon. These lagoons are considered to be safe sanctuaries for sailors because the limestone cliffs would help to block winds from the outside. Tourists will get to closely experience the surrounding nature and ecology of the forest. Furthermore, for tourists who love adventure and mystery, there are bat caves located nearby the kayaking spots. Tourists can enjoy beautiful stalactites and stalagmites (hanging rocks) inside the caves. Another interesting activity is rock climbing where the abseiling point is a beautiful sightseeing spot because it can see the mangrove forests, the sea, and many of Krabi’s islands in panoramic view.

Interested tourists can travel to AoThalane all year long. Kayaking services start at around 600-1,200 THB. The service charges range from hundreds to thousands of THB, depending on the services and programs of the tour companies. To experience the beauty of natures that AoThalane has to offer, tourists may travel from Krabi city centre by highway 4, and turn left onto highway 4033 for about 15 kilometers.

Fossils Shells Beach – Best Place To Visit In Krabi

Fossils Shells Beach

Different from other beaches in Krabi, Fossils Shells Beach, 17 km away from the city, is embedded with chunks of 40-million-year-old assorted mollusks. This shell graveyard at Ban Laem Pho was once a large freshwater swamp, the habitat of diverse mollusks. With changes on the surface of the earth, seawater flooded the freshwater swamp and the limestone elements in the seawater enveloped the submerged mollusks resulting in a homogenous layer of fossilized mollusk shells forty centimeters thick known as Shelley Limestone. Again, due to major terrestrial change, the layers were broken in great amount of oversized shatters across the shore and known as ‘shells graveyards’ as it is today.

Phra Nang Cave Beach – Best Place To Visit In Krabi


Accessible only by boat, this stunning, pristine beach has fine-grained white sand and crystalline waters—ideal for sunbathing and swimming so it does attract thousands of visitors all year round. This beach is the location of the luxurious Rayavadee resort, a private property that occupies 26 acres of the beach, while a more budget accommodation options are available not farway. The Inner and Outer Phra Nang Caves, and Phra Nang Lagoon, which are located nearby offer remarkable views against a stunning backdrop. Its towering karsts offer numerous hiking trails for adventurous travelers. Activities like diving, snorkeling, hiking and rock-climbing are also frequent favorites.

Noppharat Thara Beach – Best Place To Visit In Krabi


Noppharat Thara  is among Krabi’s most famous beaches. Located only 6 km away from Ao Nang Bay, Noppharat Thara  Beach features a 3-km white sandy beach full of rows of casuarinas and coconut trees. The beach was formerly known as ‘Khlong Haeng  Beach,’ which means a dried-canal beach in Thai. The term was taken during low tide when the water dries up and reveals long, seashells-paved seashore. Noppharat Thara  Beach is actually part of the marine national park. So it means visitors who wish to stay overnight are required to contact the office of the national park for reservations and accommodation options in advance.


Rai Le Beach – Best Place to Visit In Krabi


One of the biggest misunderstanding of this world-class beach destination is that it is an island—which it is not. The area of Railay is actually a large peninsula jutting out into the Andaman, but what makes this place truly place special is that it’s cut off from the rest of the mainland by a row of steep hills, which means you can only get there by boat. Railay has risen from peaceful fishing village to a world-class tourist destination, thanks to its imposing limestone cliffs that shoot out of the crystal blue waters to tower over the white sandy beaches.

Railay actually covers three beaches, each with its own distinctive character. Railay West is the longest, featuring white sand and shallow water. Though Railay West is ideal for sunbathing, do be warned that the southern-end is pretty rocky. Being also the most popular, you’ll find a collection of resorts, restaurants and beach bars serving visitors. Further north is Ton Sai Bay, a good spot for rock climbing and affordable rooms. Railay West, and Ton Sai, are at there most beautiful at sunset, when those steep cliffs are silhouetted against the sky. Opposite Railay West is Railay East, which is actually really just part of a bigger mangrove swamp. Though it’s not great for swimming, it’s the best place to catch a beautiful sunrise. Sitting between Railay West and East is Phranang Beach, named after the cave containing a sacred Buddha image that can be found on this beach. A lot smaller than Railay West and East, Phranang is the best beach for swimming, with clean, white powdery sand and crystal clear, shallow water.

The towering limestone karsts that dominate the landscape mean Railay is also a haven for rock climbers, and the area offers more than 700 different climbing trails with an annual Krabi Rock and Fire International Contest hosted annually.

Tong Nai Pan Yai Beach – Best Place To Visit In Koh Phangan

Tong Nai Pan Yai Beach

Thong Nai PanYai Beach is located at Moo5, in Ban Tai sub-district. It is 23 kilometers away from the town. It is the second most beautiful beach after Rin Beach. The beach is divided into two areas which are Tong Nai Pan Noi Beach (North) and Tong Nai Pan Yai (South). Both locations are quiet, but low-price hotels can be found mostly at Tong Nai Pan Yai Beach.

Tong Nai Pan Yai Beach is filled with delicate white sand surrounded by mountains and rain forests which cannot be accessed on foot. To visit, travellers need to travel by car through laterite road. At the present, the concrete road is under construction. Visitors can also arrive at the beach by boat from Rin Beach or Chaloklum Beach.

Visitors can enjoy swimming at the beach all year round with enough waves to start surfing. In addition, there are bars and restaurants available at the beach.

Tourists who like waking up early can enjoy sunbathing here. Tong Nai Pan Yai Beach is longer than Tong Nai Pan Noi Beach with more option for accommodation. There is also a hiking trail for climbing up the mountain and waterfall. Around PhaNganIsland, the rain forest is stil in good condition.

To visit, there are two ways including travelling by minibus from Tong Sala port or taking taxi costing 100 baht per person leaving at 12.30 and 17.00.

After getting off ferry boat from Don Sak, SuratThani, when you arrive at Tong Sala port, you will notice a minibus stop to Rin Beach. Ask for a pick-up car to travel to Tong Nai Pan Beach or take a boat from Tong Sala, Rin Beach and Manam Beach.

Mae Haad Beach – Best Place To Visit In Koh Phangan


Mae Haad Beach is located at Moo 7, in Chalok Lam village, PhaNgan district. It is 15 kilometers away from the city municipal. The beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of PhaNgan.

Mae Haad Beach is a door to Tao Island or you can say that it is the center of the Island as Mae Haad beach is where the port is located. All boats have to stop over here before heading to other islands. There are ticket booths for boat transportation including single and return tickets to go to Kao Sarn road. This beach is also where community, shops and public buildings are located. The turtle statue is the symbol of Tao Island.

To visit, contact rented boat service at Thong Sala with fees of approximately 50-100 baht.

Haad Rin Beach – Best Place To Visit In Koh Phangan

Haad Rin beach

HaadRin is located at Moo4 in Ban Tai sub-district in PhaNgan district, 12 kilometers away from the city municipal. It is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of PhaNgan Island. The beach is 2 kilometers long divided into two by the earth’s crust calledHaadRinNai and HaadRinNok. Tourists can travel by a long-tailed boat from Thong Sala Town and Ban Kai with fees of 30 baht and 20 per person respectively. It costs approximately 50 baht to travel by car from Thong Sala.

It is told that the HaadRin used to be full of little gnats. People who got in the beach around the evening used to get bitten by them. Nowadays there are not many of gnats; the reasons might be whether the place is too crowded or is filled with parties that they need to escape.

Though HaadRinNai is filled with clear seawater and white sand, it is not suitable for getting in as there are lots of sharp rocks which can be dangerous if you walk on foot. Besides, it would not be so much fun if you have to wear sandals every time you wading in.

HaadRinNok is a little bit far away. Both beaches give you the feeling of being in other countries. There are many resorts around this area. The price is considered high as this area is one of the most popular location for tourists.

The world-famous Full Moon Party takes place on HaadRinNok each month where people come and enjoy dancing.

HaadRinNok during the low season can be really calm and quiet almost similar to other normal beach. There are not many tourists around during the day time; mostly they come back at night. This is why people here relax during the day and wake up at night.

There is plenty to keep you occupied at HaadRinNok whether partying in the Full Moon Party or relaxing and enjoying the beautiful white sands at the beach.

Ban Chalok Lam – Best Place To Visit In Koh Phangan

Ban Chalok Lam

Ban Chalok Lam is a bay located in the north of PhaNgan Island. In some seasons, it is not windy, but sometimes the wind can be so strong that the boats cannot be harbored. When the sea is calm, there will be approximately 80-100 fishing boats harboring around here. During that time, the village will be crowed all day and all night. There will also be stores just like in the big market. One of the well-known products which is popular among tourists is dried squids.

Tourist attractions located nearby include Khom Beach, Salad Beach, Kuad Beach and Ma Island.

To visit, from the pavilion, take mini-bus with 20 baht fees. The service is provided all day long. The distance is 15 km.

Koh Chang National Park – Best Place To Visit In Koh Chang

Koh Chang National Park

Koh Chang is an island where the weather is not too hot or too cold since it is affected by both Northeast Monsoon and Southwest Monsoon. The influence from those monsoons leads to the traveling restriction by boat. That is, during the Southwest Monsoon or around May to October, the West Coast, the windy side, often brings strong winds; therefore, it is not the best time for traveling. However, November to May is the least windy time in the year so the trip to Koh Chang or other islands is quite convenient.

Mu Koh Chang National Park is 650 square kilometers, consisting of 52 islands lining up from Laem Ngop district, Mueang district, to Khlong Yai district. Apart from the most important island– KohChang, the other islands like Koh Klum, Koh Lao Ya Nai, Koh Ngam, Koh Mai Si Yai, Koh Wai, and Koh Rang still remain their natural beauty. The National Park Office is located on the east of Koh Chang, near Khlong Than Mayom. The National Park’s large harbor is situated at the front of the office. There are also three places of National Park Service Ranger, all of which are on Koh Chang—at Ao Khlong Son, at Khlong Plu Waterfall entrance, and at Salak Phet Village.

In the past, there were no settlements or residences on the island. The island was important as a harbor for sheltering from the monsoon and a source of provisions and freshwater. Ao Salak Phet and Ao Salat are very well-known among the pirates, Hainan people, and Vietnamese people. At present, there are eight villages on Koh Chang.

Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island (429 square kilometers) after Phuket. Its landscape is mostly high mountains and stone cliffs. The highest mountain is Khao Salak Phet (744 meters). The forests are very abundant, most of which are hill evergreen forest, a river source; therefore, there are many waterfalls on the island. A spectacular coastline can be seen in the eastern part of the island.

Other interesting places on the island are listed below.

The place of the Battle of Koh Chang is in the south of Koh Chang, the territorial seas in Trat Province at Ao Salak Phet and Ao Salak Kok. The Battle of Koh Chang, on January 17, 1941, is the front page history of defending Thailand’s sovereignty. Although the Royal Thai Navy could expel the invaders, Thailand had to lose a number of ships and soldiers in the end of the battle. The bravery of the Royal Thai Navy is recorded and is commemorated on January 17 every year at the battle monument at Koh Chang in Laem Ngop district.

Koh Ngam was the place of the first attack between the Royal Thai Army and France, when France sent the squadron to patrol and drop the bomb, while Koh Wai was where France’s patron aircraft was shot down by His Thai Majesty’s Ship (HTMS) Songkla and HTMS Chonburi.

Koh Mai Si is a private island, not far from Koh Kood. The abundance of nature—beautiful beach with clear water and full of various types of fish—is still preserved. The tourists can go diving and see the coral reefs. The accommodation is almost like homestay, which can support a group tour for 15-30 people.

Ao Khlong Son is the northernmost bay of the west islands. It is the location of Ban Khlong Son community. There are spectacular coral reefs under the sea and many accommodations near the bay.

Khlong Nonsi Waterfall is a small waterfall in the northeast part of the island. There is a 3-kilometer sidewalk from Ban Dan Mai or 4-kilometer sidewalk from the National Park Office.

Than Mayom Waterfall is situated behind the National Park Office, 500 meters through the garden. It is a medium-sized waterfall with four levels. The third one is the most beautiful. King Rama V and King Rama VII along with Queen Rambai Barni once visited the waterfall. There is a monogram of King Rama V’s signature inscribed on the upper level of the waterfall cliff.

Khlong Plu Waterfall is the most magnificent waterfall on Koh Chang. There are three levels. The water runs through the cliff towards the swamp below. Its entrance is 3 kilometers from Ao Khlong Prao plus a 20-minute walk.

Hat Sai Yao is in the south of Koh Chang near Ao Salak Phet. It looks like a bay with extended beach. People can swim, walk in the woods, and go to visit the place of the Battle of Koh Chang at this place. There are a lot of breathtaking sceneries along the surrounding islands such as Koh Laoya, Ao Salak Phet, and Koh Wai. There are also accommodations offered at this beach.

Monkey training school is located in village no. 4, Hat Sai Khao, Koh Chang district. It is a monkey training center that also presents monkey talent shows, especially picking coconuts. The show has three rounds per day at 10.00, 14.00, and 16.00. The price is 200 baht.

Ban Salak Phet is the oldest large community on Koh Chang. It is situated in the south of the island. The villagers are coastal fishermen. The islands and the mountain range can help block the winds. There is an ancient temple at the front of the village called Wat Salak Phet. It was constructed in the reign of King Rama V when he made a trip to Koh Chang and Ao Salak Phet, the largest bay on the island.

Khiri Phet Waterfall, a one-level waterfall, is 1 kilometer from Ban Salak Phet community through the rubber plantation.

Klong Nueng Waterfall is a small waterfall near Khiri Phet Waterfall- Ban Rong Than. It is around 2 kilometers plus 480 meters on foot from Salak Phet community. The waterfall falls from a narrow 120-meter-high mountain pass. It is allowed for swimming.

Bang Bao Fisherman Village’s each houses have the pillar stick in the sea and are connected to one another by the bridge. Most of the ancestors in this village descended from people in Salak Phet. The people here live very simply with their little coastal fishery. There are abundant bigfin reef squid and coral reefs under the water. The pier at the village also offers villager-made shrimp paste, fish sauce, dried salted prawn, and dried salted fish. Ao Bang Bao is a strategically located place for docking and sheltering from the wind since there are mountain range and islands surrounding two sides of the bay during the monsoon season. This results in a lot of boats seeking for shelter at this bay.

Ban Rong Than is a small community situated at Ao Salak Phet in the south of the island. The tourists like to enjoy the scenery at this place. When looking northwards, they will see the clouded peak of Khao Salak Phet, while if looking eastwards, they will find Koh Maphrao Nai and the mountain range at Laem Yai. If walking uphill to Atulaporn Banpot Monastery, the tourists will see the whole view of Ao Salak Phet.

Ao Bai Lan is just above Hat Kai Bae. There is a sidewalk cut through the mountain. It takes approximately one hour from Hat Kai Bae on foot to Ao Bai Lan. On the way to the bay, the tourists can see the breathtaking scenery of the mountain ranges. Ao Bai Lan is a long peaceful beach for swimming and relaxing.

Hat Kai Bae is connected to Hat Khlong Prao. The beach is moderately steep so it is safe for the tourists to go swimming. There are also some accommodations at the beach.

Hat Khlong Prao- Laem Chaiyachet is connected to Hat Kai Bae. It is quite steep at this beach but the tourists can still go swimming. The northernmost part of Hat Khlong Prao is attached to Laem Chaiyachet. It is a stone cape with spectacular scenery but the tourists cannot swim. There are some accommodations at both Hat Khlong Prao and Laem Chaiyachet.

Entrance fee. Thais- adult: 40 baht, child: 20 baht. Foreigners- adult: 200 baht, child 100 baht.

Accommodation. The National Park provides campsite for the tourists who bring their own tents.

Transportation on the island. The tourists can take a minibus from the pier to Hat Sai Khao, Hat Kai Bae, and Hat Khlong Prao. The fare is 30 baht. To the other islands, the tourists must hire the minibus and agree the fare before leaving.

Hat Cha-am Beach – Best Place To Visit In Phetchaburi

Hat Cha-am beach

The premier beach resort of Phetchaburi, Hat Cha-am is just as beautiful as the neighboring Hua Hin Beach. Located approximately 163 kilometers south of Bangkok, 40 kilometers south of Phetchaburi and 20 kilometers north of Hua Hin, the beach is famous for being long and clean. In addition, it serves excellent fresh seafood. Originally a fishing village, Cha-am received much attention after the royal palace, Maruekhathaiyawan, was built near Hua Hin in the reign of King Rama VI. At that time, the Royal Family and the elite occupied the land in Hua Hin and its vicinity as a holiday seaside resort. When people started looking around for twin seaside resort town for Hua Hin, Cha-ams beauty was discovered and quickly developed.

Today, Cha-am is a popular lively resort town offering a large variety of accommodations and challenging activities. Boredom is rare in Cha-am as there are a variety of water sports that can be enjoyed, while a possible alternative to water sports is bicycle riding along a 6-kilometer sandy white beach. During the weekdays the beach is virtually deserted and there are beach umbrellas and sling chairs are available for hire.