Thalane Bay – Best Place To Visit In Krabi

Thalane Bay

AoThalane (or Thalane Bay) is located in the Khao Thong Sub-District of Mueang District in Krabi Province. AoThalane is a small bay 35 kilometers to the west of Krabi city centre. It is a tall gorge and a beautiful natural paddle route. AoThalane is a famous kayaking spot in Krabi Province and a world-renowned paddle route. It is also one of the tourist attractions that are most abundant in nature because the area is made up of mangrove forests, and comprised of limestone rock formations, clear green sea water that can clearly see the fishes. Many different species of animals can also be observed throughout the kayaking journey such as Macaque monkeys, crabs, and various rare birds.

Tourists who enjoy kayaking through nature will get to paddle along the limestone reefs throughout the entire way. After passing through the mangrove forest will reach the canyon entrance. The canyon’s terrain is characterized by towering cliffs on both sides and the flow of water through the middle. Tourists entering this area will feel as if they are paddling in between valleys. The appearance of limestone rock formations that are complexly arranged make sea around this are divided into many large rooms called Lagoon. These lagoons are considered to be safe sanctuaries for sailors because the limestone cliffs would help to block winds from the outside. Tourists will get to closely experience the surrounding nature and ecology of the forest. Furthermore, for tourists who love adventure and mystery, there are bat caves located nearby the kayaking spots. Tourists can enjoy beautiful stalactites and stalagmites (hanging rocks) inside the caves. Another interesting activity is rock climbing where the abseiling point is a beautiful sightseeing spot because it can see the mangrove forests, the sea, and many of Krabi’s islands in panoramic view.

Interested tourists can travel to AoThalane all year long. Kayaking services start at around 600-1,200 THB. The service charges range from hundreds to thousands of THB, depending on the services and programs of the tour companies. To experience the beauty of natures that AoThalane has to offer, tourists may travel from Krabi city centre by highway 4, and turn left onto highway 4033 for about 15 kilometers.